turra design

Yr 10 TurraDesign Project Based Learning (PBL) class has been working this past semester to bring the community custom made products.

All the products you can see on our website have been designed, created and packaged by students who study PBL at Turramurra High School. 

We're really proud of the products we've produced and we think they would make the perfect Christmas gift for you or your loved ones.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out and make contact.


Thank you and. Merry Christmas!

The TurraDesign Team

The Hui Stick | $6

The Hui Stick! A spinning propeller magic trick. Make the stick change it's direction by shouting "Hui!", and fool your friends!

Phone Stand | $6.50

This simple yet elegant design is perfect for those who want to sit back and relax whilst using their phone.  From watching programs on your phone, to just listening to music and relaxing just put your phone on the stand and you cant forget where you put it. plenty of uses for those who are imaginative. a nice laser cut wooden with multiple sliding slots to adjust the height.

Cat Candle | $14.00

Bring the scent of the Australian bush into your household and experience the natural wildlife in the comfort of your home. This candle is created to apply a soothing affect and bring you away into the bushes of Australia.

House T-Shirts | $12

White T-Shirts with custom made logos for each of the school houses!

Shirts come 3 sizes for both men and women styles!